Hating Black Women, Yet Loving Them At The Same Time: The McClure Twins

I don’t know how many people are aware of this: It’s possible to have an attraction to black people, yet hold racist beliefs about black people.  You can find a black person you find attractive, loving, and perfect for you; yet still have disdain for black people as a whole.  I use Strom Thurmond as a perfect example. A white man who spent his whole political career fighting for segregation while having a half black child who he kept hidden.

Our newest example of this is Justin McClure, the father of the internet famous McClure Twins.  Tweets have resurfaced of his views of black women and black men.   He seems to think black women are ghetto, have awful names, and cannot pronounce simple words.  He thinks black men are incapable of being intellectuals and are animals.

I’ll just provide the screenshots taken and posted on MadameNoire.com from this twitter account:


There is also an interesting blog post he made about black men….on a black about interracial dating.

“Black and Spanish men lifting weights on the corner don’t even know who Anderson Cooper is, but they hope he buys their new mix tape.”

It seems he is under the impression black men are incapable of being intelligent.

Of course also in the same post, he is under the impression to fix racism we need to just make more mixed children.

Now apparently this highly intellectual white man is a recovering alcoholic and failed comedian. What makes him more of an intellectual than a black man lifting weights?

His blog was about interracial dating, and obviously, he is married to a black woman and has biracial children.  I find it odd he had such disdain for black women, yet his wife is black.   His wife is Nigerian.  It explains a lot.  White people in America love to pretend blacks directly from the continent of Africa are better than regular “American blacks”.  They are smarter, more intelligent, and would never name their kids “Allergies”.

Many Africans have also fallen for this idea.  I suspect his wife is one.  She was fine with him talking about black American women, it probably didn’t bother her, and so she shrugged off his awful behavior.   It’s going to be sad for her when people start lumping her biracial American girls as the same black women he was talking about in those tweets.

There has been an apology made.  The argument made though is “it was the past, so it’s time to move on.”  Some of these were made during a time he was in a relationship with his now wife.  Some of these tweets were made when his children were born.  So has he really changed?  Has his family given him perspective?  Or has his social media career been so focused on his kids and targeting the huge black woman audience that he wants us all to forgive and forget and just focus on the kids?  I also want to add the wife was more concerned about branding “everything racist” and then goes on to imply that he couldn’t be racist because he is married to a black woman and has biracial kids.

Again I will say it: Having a black partner doesn’t absolve you of racism.  Case and point:


It seems at a minimum it was there just to appease his audience, but really he didn’t want to do it.  If he did he would have deleted those tweets years ago or at least addressed them before he was exposed on Twitter.

Now I admit my patience is thin when it comes to race relations in the United States; however, why is it always expected for black people, in particular, black women to be the bigger people and “move on” from awful, stereotypical rhetoric thrown at them? We are always expected to “get over things” and I know for me personally, I’m done “getting over things”. It’s time to hit these people where it hurts, cut them off and move on to the next cute thing.

Black women need to stop being punching bags and we need to stop supporting the people doing the punching, especially just because they made an exception to their own rules.