Trump is the MLK of White People

As a child, whenever I went to my grandmother’s house, I would always see two pictures. One was JFK. One was MLK.

Martin Luther King, Jr. is a patron saint in the black community. He laid his life on the line and was assassinated for fighting for our rights. He’s been made an essential deity in the black community. Over the last few years, some of us have learned to discern fact from fiction when it comes to MLK, but no one disputes his impact on the Civil Rights Movement. He helped black people just not nationally, but GLOBALLY. The Civil Rights Movement led to the 1965 Immigration Act, which finally allowed black people from all over the world, the ability to enter the United States, and got rid of the quota system that favored white Europeans.

Now whites feel they need to be protected. The centuries of favoritism are coming to an end in America. They can no longer call people racial slurs and keep their jobs. Black people can have the jobs they have and can move into their neighborhoods with no one to stop them. Hispanic people sometimes speak Spanish in front of them. They feel threatened by the fact their population growth has slowed, but other groups have not, and now there is a “browning” of America. They feel disrespected. They can’t even do a proper lynching like they used to without repercussion.*

So here comes their messiah, Donald J. Trump. He grabs private parts. He tells them “America First!”. He tells them to punch dissenters and protesters. He sees the good side of Nazis and White Nationalists. He is going to make the darker skinned people pay and restore America to the time where white people were on top!*

He tells his white base what they want to hear. He is their champion. He tells them he’s going to get rid of all the illegals.* He’s bringing back coal! He’s bringing back jobs! He’s going to fix the economy! He’s going to make the rest of the world pay their fair share! That’s what he says.

The problem is all his promises are empty. His cabinet is a revolving door. He’s lying straight to the American public’s face. His fans see this, but they don’t care, because they feel he restores the order of all things white in America.

The problem is, he doesn’t. His fan base has become so emboldened, they spew and act upon racist nonsense and think they can get away with it like they used to. They can’t, and many of them still haven’t figured out, we are not our grandparents or our parents. We never had to drink from a separate water fountain or go to separate schools. We are a little freer than they are, so we’re fighting back. We have the technology to record the nonsense, instantly share it, and track you down.

Your messiah is the sword you want to fall on, fall away. Hurt yourselves for your white principles. Your MLK is trashier, nastier, and weaker than ours on his worst day. He’s not going to win and we will celebrate his failure.

*Unless you’re a police officer, then kill away!
*He’s also going to make poor white people pay, but their hatred for minorities clouds their views, so they don’t care.
*He embraces internment camps for those seeking asylum legally in America.